The prisoners of the Lebanese Resistance in the Israeli prisons

Since its creation in 1948, Israel has constantly been on war with its border countries as it built itself basically by invading arab lands against which it is still developping a harsh military policy to preserve the control of the interests it gained by colonizing these lands. Intensly supported by the US on the military and financial levels, Israel is a kind of executive tool for US interests in the Middle East and tries by all means -from hypocritical treaties and diplomatic negociations to the use of pure violence- to dominate the region in order to spread the liberal law. Indeed, the liberalism developped by the Arab League is concurrencing the american way, what has brought the US to compel it a force situation so as to control its emergence faced with their own interests, obviously partners of Israel's ones. Thanx to its military power, Israel can dominate the situation on long-term, affording even to widen its colonized territories at this moment while it is already on war with thousands of opponents.

A burning characteristic of Israel is unfortunately the systematic use of violence and of its military forces which weight heavy in the balance of diplomatic negociations and thus discourage the organizations that are willing to solve the Israelo-Arab conflict on a diplomatic way. Furthermore, this force attitude cumu-lated to the constant breach of international conventions has supported the emergence of fundamentalist organizations that Israel and the US tactfully criminalize to justify the application of such repressive and oppressive policies. "International terrorism" would be then the basic component framing the negociations and thus the one to eliminate. However, these armed organizations balance in a way the military domination of Israel and thus compromising the means on which it relies to preserve and extend its colonies, they become therefore exposed to intense persecutions.

Besides the annexed part of Palestine, Israel has occupied South Lebanon where it is helped by a pro-Israeli militia : the South Lebanon Army (SLA). This militia is armed by Israel and has as a mission the duty to make lebanese people collaborate with Israel to stop the activity of various armed organizations such as the Hezbollah and to push them into its ranks. However, most lebanese people are not willing to collaborate as Israel invaded their lands and for that reason, many of them are arrested or kidnapped and held as hostages in the Israeli concentration camps of South Lebanon. Besides the fact that the detention of hostages is forbidden by international conventions and that Israel has been condemned several times by the UN security council for its agressions and atrocious methods, thousands of these people -children, elderly, women- and of resistants are detained without proves, judgement or trial in extremely severe conditions. Several detention centers under the control of Israel exist in South Lebanon and in occupied Palestine as well where Israel deports some convicts. Among these prisons, real death camps, the Khiam Detention Center (KDC) performs the role of interrogation center where inmates survive without knowing when they will get out, if they will get out and above all. if they will get out alive.

The Lebanese detainees held hostages in the notorious Khiam Detention Center have succeeded in smuggling out a letter to the Follow-up Committee (Beirut) for the Support of Lebanese Detainees in the Israeli Prisons. The letter conveys of the hazardous health situation and tells the names and conditions of the most urgent cases. The detainees also address the Lebanese president and Prime minister and all international organizations to mass up efforts for their release, or at least, for the transfer of the sick ones to hospitals of proper care.

It has to be clear that supporting the release of all the prisoners detained by Israel in occupied territories does not mean supporting the Hezbollah or any other armed organization opposing the Israeli invasion. Our interest remains to oppose the use of these detention centers by Israel as means to achieve the inva- sion of foreign lands. It is to oppose the detention of prisoners of war by Israel in the harshest conditions in order to obtain informations and to terrorize the lebanese population. It is to oppose Zionism, that is a military imperialistic policy applied by Israel in order to serve the interests of the liberal economy and contribute to the supremacy of the USA over the planet. The detention centers of South Lebanon are no- thing else than assassination factories for the opponents to submission.

A brochure about the prisoners of the lebanese resistance is being achieved by the ABC-Utrecht. You can contact us from now in a couple of weeks to get it. "The conscience - Addamir", infoletter of the Commi- ttee against Barbarism and Arbitrary, is also available on the distribution list of the ABC-Utrecht. You can contact us as well to recieve contacts of lebanese and palestinian prisoners.