Our freedom is their prison

Consumption life remains the engine of economy - that's why companies take care to make up

their advertising. What they show us, what they offer, it's the privilege to consume these products

-afford buying all the world exploitation. In Western countries, there where wealth increases, the

morality's clear : buy all that you don't need, close-up your eyes, supporrt our industries. People

work for you -you don't have to sweet- and that's why you consume, you waste....such an easy gest :

just open your wallet ! CONSUME !! CONSUME !! CONSUME !!

The TV speaks up to us as consuming robots, asserts that freedom is property, the power to ma-

ke desires a reality, increasing easiness (=increasing unfairness). All these needless goods are sto-

len somewhere else -our standard of living helps making more business. Overconsumption fathers

overexploitation, but the blood is not there : it has been cleaned up. 'Cause the connection between

our wealth and Third World poverty is that our comfort deprive them from their means.

We won't change that system but let's keep conscious that our freedom is their prison. Resist

this shitty culture that provides you fake powers, help taking care of how they exploit and expropri-

ate, that is how you consume ! Still the brainwashing that city way of life exerts on us makes us pa-

ssive as this privileged life is enjoyable : it offers all that it makes us dream of...supplies the deep

tentation just to push the button...you do what you want when you want, you have fun...but never for-

get the blood that sinks for all.

Companies make of us their allies, through consumption we support the conflicts that they un-

dertake to support the planet. The states, the NATO go conquering our wealth ; they now how to kill

for companies' health and for us consumers who always require the right to be served.

Breeding alienation

There comes the end of life as we know that science-capital replicated masses, bred identicals.

Yesterday's fiction becomes reality of today, the era of a brave new world is dawning through the

law of science.

Since the beginning of time man has wanted to improve his capacities to control his nature. Grim

reality ! Behind a farce of medical use, scientists breed human clones. Humanity's plagued by insuf-

fisciency -genetic control for more supremacy over the planet. Grim reality ! scientists develop the

perfect for capitalistic ideology.

Human clones make mindless drones ! Duplicating Man without defects for disciplined subjects

and productivity, fearless soldiers, hard labourers, the perfect race ? Fuck all that shit ! NO perfect-

ion, artificiality or fearlessness ! We are human beings having feelings, weaknesses and personnali-

ty ! We reject science as an instrument to control our lives for capitalistic ends 'cause behind a farce

of medical use scientists recreate Man !

In this world apart

The prisons fortress hide themselves their face, setting apart why they are to raze. The illness of

this society : dehumanizing, alienating enemies, elites dominate by harsh discipline. Rescue social

conflicts by filling all cells, aiming to break spirits, purify their HELL. Have justice ideas ? They ext-

erminate. Political extermination, the cast system has to be preserved as economy wants monopoly.

Death camps are there to guarantee it -consumer/workers : they need this ethnicity.

Pressure the bars that divide, help rebellion against the cast system, help strugglers to raise our

power (against it), help feeding the fire !! We are doomed if we keep indifferent faced with this ideo-

logy of purification and perfection !! Against that strategy to clean up the society, showing solidarity

is showing that exists our identity ! Our will to act needs our will to exist, our will to exist needs our

will to act...NOW !!!

Earth standard

You don't know what you eat, industry's on the heat - companies make profits, they control gene-

tics. Biodiversity is threatened by their will to create new beings made for their industries. Altering

the genes to make them fit in the capitalistic logic of profit !

A new ecosystem where science operates to overgraduate the chance to make business. They stan-

dardize species to get rid of people's livelihoods (and doom them to the Western -consumption- life

they have to depend on though they can definitely not access to it) and take over resources : that's com-

petitiviness ! Altering the genes to make them fit in the capitalistic logic of profit !

Civilization of great empires

IMF, WTO, criminals that spread widely the liberal law, globalize and "civilize" that is colonize

foreign people. Migration, they are deprived from their land, their means are plundered by multination-

als that legitimate -through these institutions- the capitalization of the planet ; the free market ope-

rates ! Civilization of great empires, ideology of conformism ; they want all the world working for their

plants - only one culture : freedom to exploit.

The time is now where economy as an ideology of conquest is reaching its purpose that remains

to establish the liberal law over the planet, what multinational corporations would call "the freedom

to make business". This typically US ideology is currently plainly emerging through the creation of

properly economic institutions such as the WTO (World Trade Organization) or the MAI (Multilate-

ral Agreements on Investments -still on project) that consist in taking over national states' soverei-

gnity by transnational capital. Thus, the private sector aims to rule the public sector at the same time

as it gets rid of norms and regulations -obstacles to "capital's freedom"- that up to now were holding

back the exploitation of environment and labour.

Above Western quarrels for supremacy, Southern countries' dependence on the IMF (International

Monetary Fund) loans compel them to accept these "agreements" that definitely open their borders to

foreign companies. Therefore, transnationals' profitablity and competitiviness can be introduced in fo-

reign markets where getting rid of national concurrence correspond to a game for them. Destituted of

their livelihoods through the collapse of national market, most Third World populations have to depend

on Western capital, technology and culture as at this step of capitalist development, the economic do-

mination of the West doesn't let any room for their own economy, and thus of their culture : that is th-

eir identity. Moreover, the unstability of capital flows -because of currency worth,etc- threatens them

widely to be out of any resources as they are all detained by greedy capitalists !!

This grim extension of the liberal economic model is bringing about a standardization of people's

way of life around consumption culture and dramatically empowers multinationals that exert a huge

monopoly over smaller-scale economies. Besides the accelerated destruction of environment and the

rise of unemployment, this acceleration of capitalist development concentrates power and decision

making in the hands of a few : those who have only in mind to be "free" to exploit.